Road Map Through the Wilderness

Introduction of Concept: 

Approximately 30 years ago I was asked to sit in for a teacher at a Saturday night Bible study.  In preparation and prayer, the Lord illuminated a particular scripture that I had been pondering for several weeks prior, suspecting there was more than I was able to grasp. Several days before the scheduled class, the floodgates opened regarding the scripture.  The Lord fed me concept and principal so quickly that I was unable to write fast enough to keep up. This was the beginning of a theme that He has unfolded from that point till now, and is still continuing to do so.  It didn’t come from the text only.  Over the years it slowly developed from Word studies, numerous personal experiences, and teachings; many teachings.  It was expanded through deep heartache, listening to television sermons, while in prayer, and all from a supernatural illumination of the Word that developed more than 30 years ago.

Road Map Through the Wilderness is a message to individuals in the church today.  It’s a message unique to the church’s current time in history and a call of preparation unique to the needs of the church today. As darkness continues to encroach and challenge godly principles and godly people, a fresh Word is needed.  This Word is a call to engage, how to engage, God’s purpose for engaging, and the predictable results when we do engage. It is an instructional dissertation that shows the church clearly and specifically, “how to’s”, in receiving power, authority, and anointing. It’s a road map. And when ready, and when prepared we, the church, are positioned, like Jesus to be sent. We will be enabled to fulfill specifically what we, as individuals, have been created to be.  It demonstrates not only satan’s agenda in the wilderness but also the Father’s agenda in our wilderness experiences. This is crucial to our understanding.  It demonstrates how Jesus specifically accomplished all that He was sent to earth to accomplish.  It demonstrates the church’s unique call today to be authorized to bring forth power and anointing in a way that it’s never been demonstrated before, except by Jesus.  But in John 14:12 Jesus says, “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I go to the Father.”  Yes, there have been remnants, but the church as a whole has yet to fulfill this prophesy.  Could the time be now?  Darkness is getting darker in our world.  The church must get brighter.   Satan wants us to go in the wilderness and stay there. The Father wants us to go in the wilderness for a while, learn something, and leave there. Too many of us are caught in wilderness experiences and don’t know how to get out, why we should get out, or what to do when we do get out.

The church has certainly taken Jesus’ lead and walked as lambs and servants in the natural. Could this just be the time the church is called also to follow Jesus’ lead and take dominion as Lions of Judah in the Spirit?  He has now shown us a……

 A Road Map Through the Wilderness

 Donald F. Claycomb