Road Map Through The Wilderness 9 series DVD set

Road Map Through The Wilderness

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Are you caught up in a wilderness situation and don’t know how to get out?  Are you dry in your spirit, worn out in your walk?  Are you tired of struggling just to maintain?  Do you wonder why there isn’t more victory in your life?  These questions, and many more, are answered in “Road Map Through the Wilderness.” Satan obviously has an agenda for us in the wilderness. The Father wants us to know He has an agenda too! He has now shown us specifically how to get out. There are 7 steps in Jesus’ wilderness walk that enables us to determine exactly where we are, what to do, and to walk out exactly as Jesus did; in POWER, ANOINTING, and SENT. In this 9-series DVD set, Donald Claycomb reveals how you too, can triumph over your wilderness situation. God has something greater for you. Jesus went into the wilderness filled with the Holy Spirit. He came out of the wilderness with the power of the Holy Spirit. Something happened there!