Road Map Through The Wilderness (Hard Cover)

Road Map Through The Wilderness

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Too many of us are caught in the wilderness experience and do not know how to get out, why should we get out, or what to do when we do get out. Satan's agenda is for us to go into the wilderness and never emerge. God has an agenda for us to go into the wilderness for a short time, learn something, and leave with power and anointing - all to be sent to fulfill for God created us to be, just as Jesus did.

Road Map Through the Wilderness is a call to engage darkness, a guide for how to engage, understanding God's purpose for engaging, and a preview of the predictable results when we do engage. It illustrates the churches unique calling today: we were authorized to bring forth power and anointing.

Jesus walked into the wilderness filled with the Holy Spirit. He walked out of the wilderness with the power of the Holy Spirit.

You can too! Discover, by Jesus’s example, how to walk more like Him, where you are in our wilderness walk, and how to move out and move on.

It is a process. Jesus walked the road. We see the roadmap. It is a road map through the wilderness.