Road Map Through the Wilderness

DVD Series with 9 Complete Lessons


Don, I am pleased that we were able to be the "first" of many presentations. The truths you share are greatly needed across the body of Christ. You will have doors open to you that others would not be able to open. The blessing of the Father is on you for this!

Pastor John Betts

The message God has given Don Claycomb is one of power and authority. It shows how we can live a brave and victorious life in Christ, and why we have the authority to do so boldly. Don is a patient and thorough teacher who truly wants to see his students live the abundant life. In our journey with Christ, we both felt that something was missing. This teaching has filled in so many gaps, especially how to deal with really difficult times. We're so thankful for this encouraging Word of God through Don.

Sheri and Derek Sandstrom

The Wilderness message was my trigger and has aligned me purpose, structure, order, and the security to know my identity in Christ. Thank you Don for persevering in the challenges. My encounter with you doing the Wilderness series has been an answer to prayer.

Linda Sapienza - Class Attendee

After 20 years of living under the oppression of the spirit of fear (and other ungodly affiliations), through this teaching, I came to understand my identity in Christ and the authority given to me through His sacrifice. Shortly after this new awareness was revealed to me, I experienced complete freedom. Man.... Once I figured out my COMPLETE identity in Christ, and the authority of power I have been given through His sacrifice, I gained the confidence to walk into battle without fear for the first time in 20 YEARS! Freedom from fear, coupled with an awareness of our Identity and authority through Christ is the most powerful mathematical equation this world can ever find! It's time to wake up, remove the fog from our spiritual eyes, and stand in our identity and authority of power given to us! All we have to do is claim it and march boldly! Fear ends where faith begins! Our victory becomes clearer than you could ever imagine!

Kelly A. Garcia, (prodigal daughter) to this message’s value:

Don Claycomb's Road Map Through the Wilderness was just what I needed! Don's strong conviction and passion can only come from one who has been led through his own tumultuous wilderness experiences by the Great Teacher Himself. Understanding through the seminar how vital my identity in Christ is, and the authority and incredible offensive warrior power offered to me through that identity, is truly life changing. I feel much more equipped and armed as I journey through my own wilderness, assured that the Holy Spirit is truly leading and the often confusing, tough, agonizing lessons learned are lovingly intentional and building into the "Power" I will need to find my way out and fulfill my calling and destiny. The powerful Truths both learned and affirmed continue to bless, encourage and lighten my way.

Cindi Woodruff

I Love the clarity you are bringing to His People.

Trish Nelson – Class attendee

The Series is definitely scriptural, and very relevant to the church world and to the Christians within. It was very personal to me; and in fact has touched me to take on the offensive role more than I have been doing. For that I say thank you.

Jane Alleman

Road Map Through the Wilderness has met me exactly where I am at. It is changing my life.

Dawn Vales

This class has been life changing for me. The information, knowledge, with the understanding has transformed my life to a more peaceful, purposeful life. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. God’s truth and His desire for us has never been explained to me in this detail. My desire to learn my purpose was revealed …finally. I am so grateful to have received this truth. I have benefited tremendously.

Ramona Matthews

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